Friday’s Show Synopsis….

Ben Boyd, Fri, 18 Jul 2008 15:21:00 GMT

Friday's Show Synopsis

Martin is back again for the second day on the “reunion” tour….

cat was at the fsn truck in the player parking lot and saw someone slide under the fence to get into the stadium. it ended up being joe mather, and he said that he slides under every day…….russ springer, jason isringhausen, and other players were messing around with a crappy slot machine toy, and convinced cat to try to beat the high score. even though cat said he didn’t want to do it because he didn’t want to get shocked or sprayed with water, they made him do it, and he got shocked…….

Joe Strauss indicated this morning that there is movement in the organization towards re-signing Kyle Lohse….Martin thinks there is no way he would sign a 3 year deal, but Cat thinks Lohse would do it. Scott Boras is his agent though, and Boras will probably want something ridiculous like a 7 year deal…….Cat gets the feeling talking to him that he likes St. Louis, and he would go for a 3 year deal…..

Joe Mather was told last night that he was being sent down last night after the game (even though he hit a home run) because the Cards have 18 games in 18 days, and the team needs more pitching for that stretch……The Cards also brought Randy Flores back up and sent down Chris Perez……

Exit Poll:

1. One player who’s a realistic acquisition that the Cardinals need to put them over the top? Martin: Fuentes; Tim: Matt Holiday; Cat: Fuentes

2. Worst Cardinal reliever of all time? Tim: Juan Agosto; Martin: Esteban Yan; Cat: Jeff Fassero

3. should the blues sign brendan shanahan? martin: yes for leadership; tim: agrees with martin; cat: yes, they need goals

4. Who do you side with—Favre or Packers? Martin: Favre; Tim: Favre; Cat: Favre

5. Lisa Lampanelli would ya? Martin: No; Tim: Yes; Cat: No

6. Food that others find disgusting, but that you like? Martin: Braunschweiger; Tim: White Castle; Cat: Brussel Sprouts

John Mozeliak:
john came on the show and said that the cat is a whiner and tattle tale……john said that they haven’t had any discussions with kyle lohse and for at least the next 10 days they will be focused on the trade deadline…..he said that if they could find a lefty specialist for the bullpen that would be a slam dunk…..ray king is available……chris carpenter will make a start sunday, and john said that is a big plus for them. he feels good and appears to have all of his velocity back and all of his pitches….john said that they aren’t interested in trading for a starter because carp and wainwright are coming back so they would trade for a reliever or bat if they make a move before the deadline…..wainwright is just working on getting his strength back in his finger……it’s possible that mark mulder could make a come back, but it’s important to mark to see these specialists to know if there is something wrong or not…..colby rasmus playing in the olympics will not impact a decision if he is called up in september or not…..there is always some deal out there that would make sense to move anybody so mo would not commit to if he would trade or not trade colby……the guys are truly impressed with the speed john runs on the treadmill. john said he amps up, and he really runs 9.5 on the treadmill…… cat is usually only in a workout room for about 45 seconds according to john…..

Angry Martin yells a lot and screams “KYLE LOHSE SHOULD HAVE BEEN SIGNED BY NOW! JESUS! TAKE A BREAK!” 

Exit Poll Results:

1. Holliday with 10 votes, Fuentes with 8

2. Esteban Yan 8 votes 

3. 27-9 Yes 

4. Packers 21-15 

5. 25-11 No 

6. Braunschweiger 5 votes, white castle 4 votes

Leftover Riff Raff:
Martin’s screen name on is Renes Mustache……Martin wanted to work 12 to 6 everyday but in his negotiations they talked him down to do 12 to 2……Cat said that he isn’t surprised that Martin likes some type of gross pork…..Martin doesn’t like Oysters but Cat said you just need to put a lemming on there and it will slide right down……John Mozeliak works out way harder than Cat….Esteban Yan was 2-2 as a hitter so maybe the cards should get him……John Mozeliak punched Mr. Hayes last night in the elevator…..John can’t answer all the questions in the exit poll because sometimes there are dirty questions…..