Friday’s Show Synopsis…..

Ben Boyd, Fri, 11 Jul 2008 16:05:00 GMT

Friday's Show Synopsis

jay filled in for the cat who is in pittsburgh…..there is a bar in pittsburgh that had a neon sign in the window that said “midget inside.” …..jay said that he had to go inside, and if you ordered a shot, they rang a bell and a midget came running with alcohol and poured it in your mouth……..if jay ever opens a bar, he will have a midget in there….

Al Hrabosky said that LaRussa backtracked yesterday from what he said about needing to get a player…..Jay said that Tony would not have come out and said that he needs help if Walt Jocketty was still here……The guys say that the National League is awful this year and that the Cardinals have a chance so they need to go for it…..They have scored 2 or less runs in 13 games this year.

Jerry Crasnick:
Jerry was in Tony LaRussa’s office a couple days ago when Tony said the team needs to do something.…Crasnick said it wasn’t real confrontational, but it seemed like he wanted to send a message that the Cardinals should do something to improve the team……Jerry said that Tony’s success over the long term and status in the game lead to his input, which is likely more than most managers……The guys wonder about the differences between Walt Jocketty and John Mozeliak…..Jerry said that John has a tough balancing act in St. Louis between Tony, Jeff Luhnow, the young players, and veterans…..The Cardinals need bullpen help and another bat more than a starting pitcher….There were a few Pittsburgh scouts at the Cards/Phillies game so Jerry said that they may have been considering trading one of their bats. However, it is not likely to trade within the division even though Pittsburgh is always bad……Jerry thinks Matt Holiday will be too costly to trade for…..The American League is a lot better than the National League, and Jerry thinks that teams in the AL are really good at developing pitching……

1. Whose thought process are you more on board with—LaRussa or Mozeliak? Cat: Mozeliak

2. Would you take Barry Bonds at this point? No

3. What are you looking forward to more—MU vs. IL or Rams season? MU vs. IL

4. what movie would you watch if you had 3 hours on a plane? anchorman is a popular choice among the hosts and cat

5. Camilla Parker Bowles—would ya? NO

6. Do you like chicks with tattoos? Tim: absolutely loves them; Jay: a choice tattoo is fine

7. Worst way to die? Doug: eaten whole by an anaconda; Jay: Hatem’s story of acid eating your body; Tim: burning alive; Cat: drowning with headphones listening to Tim tell a poker story

Cat Hayes:
Cat is in Pittsburgh but he isn’t going to the Midget bar. Jay said he went to the midget bar one time and he really liked it……Cat asked Tony LaRussa yesterday straight up about his comments, and it seems like he changed direction from what he told Joe Strauss and Matthew Leach. Tony said that he in no way is pushing the front office to go out and get someone, but that he expects John Mozeliak to be doing everything he can to improve the team……Tony said he isn’t commenting about Barry Bonds anymore so Cat thinks Tony would like to have Barry but knows he’s not getting him…….Cat thinks the Cards are working on getting bullpen help and a big bat…….Tony was very upset yesterday with reporters because he thinks they painted the angle that it is Tony vs. Mozeliak…… Cat said he thinks it’s 60/40 of guys who want a deal to be made, and yesterday there was a rumor that the team made a trade—-but it ended up being started by Brendan Ryan…… Ryan thought he saw something on the ticker……Springer and Franklin seem to be the leaders of the bullpen…..

doug brought up guys who have jumped out of planes and whose parachutes haven’t opened but have survived…….they usually fall into a tree or bush or on the snow and survive……doug said that no one has ever been eaten alive by an anaconda and survived.

Exit Poll Results:
1. 23 votes for Mozeliak, 19 for LaRussa
2. 31-11 no on Bonds
3. 31-11 Mizzou vs. Illini
4. Godfather, Old School, Airplane tied
5. 39-3 no to Camilla
6. 24-18 love tattoos
7. burning and drowing tied for first with 11 each

Leftover Riff Raff:
Doug likes watching death videos on YouTube……Cat went to a midget bar once but didn’t like it much…..Kyle McClellan is lobbying for bringing the beverage cart on away trips……Rudy said that Tim’s head is mis-shaped because Joe Thiesman delivered him after his mom bent over and said “hut, hut.”….Tim has never seen The Big Lebowski….