Friday’s Show Synopsis………

Ben Boyd, Fri, 30 May 2008 16:17:00 GMT

Friday's Show Synopsis

Friday Show Synopsis
By Austin Voelker
Hour 1

Tim Is Getting Early Morning Phone Calls and A Preacher in Chicago mocks Hillary Clinton. Tim Is Looking Forward to Hearing From Cougar Hunter Jake About His Conquests, Ghost Talk Stemming From Last Nights Happy Hour and A Gentlemen Who Could Be On the Show Today, and Callers With Their Input on Ghosts.

Wonderful Music from Sammy Sosa Coming Back From the Break, The Cat Has Always Wondered What Happened to the Group That Sang the Macarena and Does John Mozeliak Believe In Ghosts

Hour 2

The rest of the poll is revealed. The Cat is confused as to who exactly Andy Strickland is. From there the guys took calls on the pole. Tim talks of his high school days and being cut from the baseball team.
Here is the poll:

Best place for Chris Duncan. LF, RF, Triple A, Trade?
Nepotism a Factor?
T.V. Show you are embarrassed to like.
Share a Cell with Kimbo Slice, or contract Hepatitis C?
Sex and The City, or Entourage. Which depicts single life better?
Carol Burnet, would ya?
Scariest thing to find in your closet other than a raccoon.

Adam The Ghost Whisperer Boy joins the program. A plethora of paranormal talk ensues and The Cat is fascinated. The Cat asks if there are any gay ghosts that McKernan can play with.

Hour 3

doug likes bananarama as tim hums cruel summer. the general manager of the st.louis cardinals, john mozeliak came on the show. he talks ghosts, cardinal baseball, and the state of the team. the cat brings up the possibility of being haunted by the ghost of former redbird reliever ray king, who is most likely hanging out in the kitchen area. tim adds that the contract of tino martinez still haunts the club. after some serious baseball talk more questioning of the gm reveals he does not believe in ghosts, or aliens, or any other unexplained legends as the cat describes what a yeti is.

The guys talk party chimes, ghosts, the devil, and take some more poll questions. The show starts to resemble Coast To Coast as listeners share some ghost stories. Then on to email of the day.

Left Over Riff Raff

Tim believes weightlifting stunted his growth……
Luckily for Tim, there are gay ghosts he can connect with….
The Cardinals GM does not believe in ghosts…