Friday’s Show Synopsis

Ben Boyd, Fri, 15 Aug 2008 17:05:00 GMT

Friday's Show Synopsis

Doug can’t log in on the studio computer so he wonders if he should throw the computer away since he doesn’t know the password….The guys don’t think Bernie and Randy messed it up…..Cat checked the internet and it says to throw it away…..Tim said Doug should bring his laptop and have a plan B……

They were trying to get the wave started at the Olympics last night…..Doug wonders if Beijing is the worst Olympic venue ever…..Some of the Marathon runners won’t compete because of the smog…..Three TV crews have been roughed up by Chinese officials for watching Tibetan demonstrations….Cat said that Democracy is not for everybody baby…..

Cat wonders why they would want Steve Kline on the show again because he had no idea what was going on last time they had him on……Last time Kline was on the show he was getting ready to go on an eight day interview for a Single-A coaching position in San Francisco……The Cards hired their Single-A pitching coach after talking to him for 5 minutes at the Sports Authority……Cat thinks they will get Kline on and the interview probably didn’t even happen yet……

The Spanish basketball team took a picture in China while they were pulling their eyes back to have slanted eyes…..The guys haven’t done that since they were in second grade…..The US team said if they took the picture, it would be a huge story……There are a lot of racists soccer fans in Europe……There is a group of Nazis who are fans of a team in Italy…..

Doug said it will be pretty big news if those guys really did find Bigfoot…..The press conference is scheduled for 9am in California/11am central…..They have boiled peanuts on the side of the road in the South, and Doug thinks they are horrible…..Producer Joe can eat peanuts but not tree nuts……If he eats a tree nut, his throat swells up and he gets hives and can’t breathe. He would have to inject a shot into his leg…..He can eat peanut butter but doesn’t eat mayo…… 

Exit Poll Revealed:

1. Which of the following is most likely to exist?
-Big Foot
-Loch Ness Monster
-Space Aliens
-Caucasion Shooting Guards

Tim—ALIENS; Doug—Aliens; Cat—-Loch Ness Monster

2. Who do you blame in the Steven Jackson saga?
-Steven Jackson
-Jay Zygmunt
-Jackson’s Agent, Eugene Parker
Tim—-JACKSON; Doug—Jackson; Cat—-Jackson

3. Would you cheat to get a gold medal if you knew you’d get away with it?
Tim—NO; Doug—-No; Cat—No

4. Will you cheer or boo Jim Edmonds when the Cubs come back here in September? Tim—-I’D DO NEITHER…BUT IF I HAD TO DO ONE, I’D CHEER; Doug—-CHEER; Cat–CHEER

5. last cd/song you bought or downloaded?
Tim—-LITA FORD, “KISS ME DEADLY”; Doug—-Greatest Hits of 80s; Cat—The Latest in Doo Wop

6. Mary Carillo…would ya?
Tim—-YES; Doug—-NO; Cat—-NO

7. Best side dish with a good steak?
Tim—-GARLIC MASHED POTATOES; Doug—-Baked Potato; Cat—-Hash browns

John Davidson:
john has seen bigfoot in british columbia……john said that the new york rangers have to decide if they are going to sign mats sundin or not so they know if they can resign brendan shanahan, but shanahan needs to make some decisions and can’t wait all year. he’ll have to make that decision that the rangers haven’t signed him yet and he may want to go somewhere else….he can still score, and he killed penalties for them. shanahan has been around the block and he knows the rules……brett hull is probably the greatest american hockey player of all time. he was a scientist on the ice……a lot of the players are in town already skating on their own at the mills…..single game tickets are on sale today… john took the exit poll: 1. bigfoot; 2. agent’s fault; 3. absolutely not cheat to win olympics; 4. he respects what edmonds did in st. louis, but he would be a cardinals fan; 5. bruce springsteen and the eagles; 6. can’t go there; 7. another steak…..

Doug reinforces that a baked potato or mashed potatoes is what you must have as your side when you eat a steak….At old age homes, folks generally have pudding with their steak……

Exit Poll Results:

1. space aliens 19, Bigfoot 7
2. 27 votes for Jackson,
3. 17-15 No
4. 18-14 cheer for Edmonds
5. no repeat votes; Nelly, Guns N Roses
6. 19-13 yes
7. baked potato 11 votes; mashed potatoes next; only Cat voted for hashbrowns

Leftover Riff Raff:
Doug is punch drunk this morning…..Cat got kicked in the onion bag one time playing soccer……Cat would rather interview the Bigfoot guys than Steve Kline……If you’re wearing shorts while biking, they are biking shorts…… Jamal Mayers confirms Cat’s claim that people eat hash browns with their steak…..John Davidson’s cholesterol is good—-his wife told the doctor to lie…..Steve Kline must’ve been driving through the mountains because he didn’t have reception to come on the show…….Producer Joe plans on handling the party “casually”…….Producer Joe is on the meatballs…..