Friday’s Show Synopsis.

Ben Boyd, Fri, 08 Aug 2008 17:02:00 GMT

Friday's Show Synopsis

producer joe filled in for cat today…..doug believes that groundhogs are good at predicting weather, but they don’t have doppler radar so doug would prefer the weathermen at channel 4……the guys get into storm mode when bad weather is rolling in…..kent is a funny guy, but he is intense….

Tim was called a yankee when he lived in Arkansas, but he said he would rather be that than from Arkansas…..They called him a yankee because of how he said Tennessee Volunteers……

Howard Balzer reported on that Steven Jackson is looking around for another new agent…..Doug isn’t worried about it yet because they still have a month….. Joe said it doesn’t matter when Steven gets in camp because the Rams aren’t going to be any good and they will likely lose the first four games of the season….Tim thinks the Jets can be a pretty good team this year, and they went from being a potential win on the Rams schedule to a more difficult team with Brett Favre…..

Martin Kilcoyne:
Martin would be Steven’s agent for free because he loves the Rams…..Martin isn’t a real big Nashville guy…..If you ask anyone in town where to go, everyone asks if you have been to the Honky Tonk Museum, and the Grand Ole Opry Hotel……Honky Tonk is like twangy country…..Nashville fans take the preseason games against the Rams very seriously, and the Channel 2 morning show hosts asked him who was going to win this morning……If Steven Jackson’s long term interest is to be a Ram then the loss of a season towards free agency doesn’t matter, but Martin said it is getting to a point where people are getting worried…..The Rams have not tried to contact him, and they have stuck to their statement that they won’t negotiate unless he is in camp…..Martin thinks the Rams were interested to see if Jackson would be in camp by August 5…..Martin had not heard Balzer’s report that Jackson is looking for a new agent, but he said that is almost embarrassing for Jackson to have a third agent in a very short time…..Football fans who weren’t mad at Jackson in the past are probably starting to be upset with him now……Brian Leonard isn’t really a running back so Antonio Pittman is the man if Jackson doesn’t play…..The guys question the Rams draft picks over the past few years, including Tye Hill, Dominique Byrd, Claude Wroten, Jacoby Shepherd, Travis Scott, Trung Canidate…..Martin said that Alex Barron is a number 1 pick who is under the radar in terms of discussion…Martin doesn’t think that Barron is as bad as people think because of all the offside penalties…..

The problem with the Olympics is that you know everyone who wins before you watch them because of the time difference……..The other problem is that they are so “feminized” and it seems like every athlete has overcome a family member losing both legs and other tragedies……

Friday Exit Poll:

1. What do you do with Adam Wainwright, closer or starter? closer

2. Who do you side with Packers or Favre? Tim—Favre

3. Which would you rather live without—TV or internet? Joe—Internet; Doug—Internet; Tim—TV

4. which would you rather watch 4 hours of—pga championship or olympics? joe—olympics; doug—olympics; tim—pga

5. Sarah Steelman, would ya? Joe—Yes; Tim—Yes; Doug—No

6. If money weren’t an object, where would you live? Doug—Newport Beach; Joe—Lake Tahoe; Tim—Las Vegas

7. Have you ever been at a movie and the crowd applauded at the end? Joe—at Mighty Ducks II; Doug—at the Lion King; Tim—Batman in 1989 and Independence Day in 1996—both at Kenrick Theatres on Watson

Doug can sing most of the Jungle Book songs because his kids used to watch it non-stop, and they used to watch Lion King every day…….

InsideSTL columnist Maggie called in while she was at work…..She works at the Daytona airport renting cars to tourists……She didn’t ever want to come on the radio show because she is shy—-that was a joke that Tim didn’t pick up on…….

Derrick Goold:
derrick is going to memphis tonight for adam wainwright’s rehab start…..right now they are going to have him prepare to be the closer, and if chris perez excels as the closer, then they will have wainwright lengthen out to be a starter again……he hasn’t been out that long so it will be interesting to see how much strength he still has and how far he can go…….this weekend’s series will likely decide if the cards are in the division race or not, and the marlins series will likely decide if they can win the wildcard…..the brewers don’t have a lot of grace under pressure. prince fielder seems like he will hold a grudge forever because he thinks the cardinals throw at him, but he needs to get over that because they can’t afford to let little stuff cost them games…..the guys wonder why fillipe lopez has become the starting left fielder when skip schumaker and joe mather are on the bench and josh phelps is on fire in the minors….lopez’s wife is very lovely, and maybe that is the reason he is starting….. she was in fhm magazine.

Exit Poll Results:

1. 23-19 closer
2. 23-19 Packers
3. 26-16 get rid of TV
4. 30-12 Olympics
5. 36-6 yes
6. San Diego 5 votes, Hawaii 4 votes
7. 36-6 yes; Dark Night with most submissions

Leftover Riff Raff:
Doug offered to be Steven Jackson’s agent……Tim would support the communists over the terrorists if China was fighting the Middle East……Kenrick Theatres has been closed for 6-8 months……A guy brought a goat to Hedo one time…..The hermaphrodite population in St. Louis is six……..Goold said that after they write stories now they untuck their shirts like the Brewers…..Platinum Plus has been shut down…..Some guy told Martin he was sorry he missed the steel guitar convention in St. Louis this year.