Friday’s Show Audio – Is Tim Here? (in Mozeliak voice)

John Semar, Fri, 05 Feb 2016 13:11:00 GMT

SEGMENT 1 – Show Open: Where is our local broadcast hero, Plowsy is sitting in the big chair instead, what should we make of last night’s losing performance by the Blues, oh my Doug doesn’t want to be in charge of the text line, #AudioFun with Plowsy’s man on the street outside of the Scottrade Center last night, which Blues players would you want to have an #MMF with, how are there so many San Jose Sharks fans in town, Plowsy found a secret parking lot for $1 per hour, could Babe Ruth hit today’s pitching, Mike calls in to discuss pizza, how does The Cat’s favorite joint down in Jupiter not have a bathroom, Doug explains the advantages of Periscope, The Cat watched the Democratic debate last night and doesn’t understand why “moderate” is like a dirty word now, Plowsy makes an argument for socialism, Lankey phones in with questions about pizza, Doug and The Cat react to David Hunn’s story about Kroenke wanting public money for his Maryland Heights development.


SEGMENT 2 – An electric #FreeDotem song brings us back, no Tim did not go to 590 he just has a day off, The Cat shares a story about his first Mardi Gras in St. Louis, living in Soulard like Plowsy he compares Mardi Gras prep to Y2K, Doug has a rare Super Bowl off because CBS is carrying the game and takes most of their inventory, do you enjoy attending multiple Super Bowl parties, The Cat claims to be an expert on chicken wings, do tots stay fresher than fries, what are the top Big Game food selections, Swampy checks in on The Appliance Discounters phone lines to explain trashed wings, could Tim be off to run in the New Hampshire primaries on the twink ticket, how does Plowsy handle picture requests at Billy G’s, The Cat says anything is good with parmesan cheese and tomato sauce, Post-Dispatch reporter and friend of the presentation David Hunn joins us to discuss his pieces on MLS and Kroenke’s development in Maryland Heights.

You can read David’s latest Post-Dispatch story on the MLS here:


SEGMENT 3 – Hey it’s 9am and our first caller of the hour is the great Mike Lee, #AudioFun as Frank Cusumano continues to enjoy Doug photo-shops, Larry called into We Are Live last night to defend Katie Kay as his turf, do we really have any female listeners, debating the quality of Darren Rovell tweets, spring training chatter, the Lakeside Roofing Exit Poll, Bertarelli Cutlery Cuts of the Week, Angry Mike #1 calls into the presentation, Email of the Day.