Friday’s Show Audio…………………………………………………………………………………………

Producer Joe, Fri, 24 Jul 2009 12:57:00 GMT

SEGMENT 1–Beginning 3 Hours of Brilliance, Cap’n Crunch Cuts the Top of The Cat’s Mouth, The Cat Was On the Dizzle’s Radio Program Yesterday, FSN Goes Without a Reporter Last Night and Again Tonight, Mother Nature Playing Tricks on The Cat, Congrats to the Grounds Crew in Washington, Doug Questions the Tarping System, Cards Charter an Entire Train to Trip to Phily, Doug Has Thoughts on Pulling the Middle Seat on a Flight, and the in Trade Chatter Again—CLICK HERE TO LISTEN






SEGMENT 2–Mitch “Wild Thing” Williams Joins the Show to Talk About Potential Players to Bring Into St. Louis, Liking Matt Holliday Over Adam Dunn, the Folks at the MLB Network Haven’t Heard Anything About the Cards Being Involved in Trade Talks, If You Pitch to Albert Pujols You are A Fool, a Manager Can Be a Huge Difference Maker, Does Mitch Stay in Contact with Lenny Dykstra, Talk About Mark Buehrle’s Perfect Game, and Did He Ever Dream of Doing Broadcasting When He Was Playing—CLICK HERE TO LISTEN






SEGMENT 3–Big Ben Makes a Statement Yesterday Regarding His Sexual Assault Civil Charge, He Says that He Will Fight This and Clear His Name, Doug Thinks He Did the Right Thing, It Is Truly a Story of He Said She Said, Just Seeing Him on TV Tim Says He Believes Big Ben, and Who Would Get More Tail at a Cocktail Lounge:  Bill Clinton or Cougarhunter Jake—CLICK HERE TO LISTEN






SEGMENT 4–Great Story About Producer Joe Getting a Soda Thrown in My Face, Doug Hates to See a Good Diet Coke Go to Waste, Apparently There Is a Pibb Zero Available In Houston The Cat Says, and What Is the Difference Between Coke Zero and Diet Coke—CLICK HERE TO LISTEN






SEGMENT 5–Friday Is the Day That Tim Likes to Be Hetero, Who Would Be the Face of Billy Simpkins Facebook Page, and Unveil the 10th Street Italian Exit Poll and the Guys Give Their Answers—CLICK HERE TO LISTEN






SEGMENT 6–Do You Believe In Magic?, Tim Is Going to the Coldplay Concert Tonight But Doesn’t Know What He Is Doing with the Third Ticket, Down on Chris Martin’s Wife, Naming a Child a Stupid Name, and Callers Get Involved with Exit Poll—CLICK HERE TO LISTEN






SEGMENT 7–Doug Questions How Coldplay Could Have a Top 10 Hit Without a Yackity Sax and Whining, What Does Van Morrison Look Like, If Its Gonna Happen Its Gonna Happen in New Jersey, SEC Media Day Is Something Special, Tim Tebow Lets People Know that He Is a Virgin Still, and More Exit Polling—CLICK HERE TO LISTEN






SEGMENT 8–David Gray Produces a Sick Cut, Doug Is Worried that Producer Joe Doesn’t Eat Green Things, and Callers Take the Exit Poll—CLICK HERE TO LISTEN






SEGMENT 9–Finish the 10th Street Italian Exit Poll—CLICK HERE TO LISTEN







SEGMENT 10–The Ticket Guys Email of the Day and Exit Poll Results—CLICK HERE TO LISTEN