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Producer Joe, Fri, 01 May 2009 12:19:00 GMT

SEGMENT 1–Tim Is Having a Hard Tme with His Ear Buds This Morning, At What Point Is Tim No Longer the Leader of the New School, Twitter Updates, You Don’t Mess with Sideline Reporters from the People’s Court, Tim Watched Game 6 of the Bulls/Celtics Series Last Night, and TLR Says that Nobody is Playing Better than the Nationals—CLICK HERE TO LISTEN






SEGMENT 2–Mike Shannon Joins the Show to Talk About the Cardinals Opening Month of the Season, the Kentucky Derby Is Very Wide Open This Year, Mike Likes the 6 and 19 Horses, Has He Always Been a Big Horse Racing Fan, the Cardinals Have Taken Advantage of their Schedule This Season, TLR Gets His Team Prepared to Play, Pujols Had a Monster April, How Important Has Ryan Franklin Been to the Team, and Shannon Hangs Up on Us After Doug Pisses Him Off—CLICK HERE TO LISTEN 






SEGMENT 3–We Are Breaking Down Walls with 8 Questions on the Window World Exit Poll, Two Orioles Writers are Fired While Sitting in the Press Box and Working, The Cat Talks About What He Would Do If He Wasn’t in the Media, Doug Says that Media Members Are Not Really Qualified For Much, and What Would It Take For You to Sit on a Bail of Hay All Day Long and Be a Circus Freak—CLICK HERE TO LISTEN






SEGMENT 4–Chris Hansen Joins the Show to Discuss His Favorite Scenes in Movie History, What Is His New Dateline Series About, Lottery Vendors Are Ripping Off Lottery Winners, Seeing Chris Hansen = Doing Something Bad, Being Recognized In Public, and What Is the Status of To Catch a Predator Series, Plus the Unveilling of the Window World Exit Poll—CLICK HERE TO LISTEN






SEGMENT 5–Callers Get Involved with the Window World Exit Poll, Plus Who Else Has Hung Up on the Show in the Past—CLICK HERE TO LISTEN







SEGMENT 6–More Polling, the Craigslist Killers Wedding Has Been Called Off, A lot of People Use Craigslist to Get Laid, and Craigslist Really Works Especially for Tim’s Condo in Clayton, Plus Dan Caesar Decided Not to Contact Anyone at Team 1380 for His Column Today and there Are Some Inaccuracies As Well—CLICK HERE TO LISTEN






SEGMENT 7–John Rooney Digs Him Some LFO Lyrics, the Cardinals Have Played Hard to Make Up for What They Are Lacking, What Is the Biggest Factor in the Cardinals Success, How Does He Assess Mitchell Boggs Right Now, Has the Make Up of a Huge Year for Albert Pujols, Great Inning By Boyer Last Night, the Team Battling Through Illness, Are We Getting too Excited Right Now, and the Potential Return of Carpenter and Glaus—CLICK HERE TO LISTEN






SEGMENT 8–Finish the Window World Exit Poll and BCS News—CLICK HERE TO LISTEN







SEGMENT 9–Ticket Guys Email of the Day and Window World Exit Poll Results—CLICK HERE TO LISTEN