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Producer Joe, Fri, 17 Apr 2009 13:02:00 GMT

SEGMENT 1–Doug Is Concerned About Lil McKernan’s Illness, Is Andy Murray Going to Nod Off During Tonight’s Game, Getting Great Abs By Doing Nothing, Doug Possibly Jinxed Adam Wainwright, People Somehow Confuse Doug Vaughn and Steve Savard, and What Do You Do When You Don’t Know Someones Name—CLICK HERE TO LISTEN






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SEGMENT 3–Doug Works All the Time, and Window World Exit Polling From the Listeners—CLICK HERE TO LISTEN






SEGMENT 4–Blues Head Coach Andy Murray Joins the Show to Discuss Waking Up So Early in Canada, Is Tonight a Must Win, What Needs to Change After Game One, What Was the Schedule Like Yesterday for the Players, Why Did So Many Players Grade Out Poorly on Wednesday Night, the Young Guys Adjusting to the Playoffs For the First Time But Have Struggled Lately, the Amount of Games Played Has Nothing to Do with the Poor Play, and How Antsy Does He Get in the Morning of Games—CLICK HERE TO LISTEN






SEGMENT 5–Doug Wishes There Were More Days Games in Major League Baseball, Doug Would Like to Live on West Coast Time, Charlie Enjoy Living in Central Time, Doug Does Not Own an IPOD and Has No Idea What He Would Listen To, Doug Used to Own a Leisure Suit, and More Exit Polling—CLICK HERE TO LISTEN






SEGMENT 6–Quick Segment With a Couple of Exit Pollers—CLICK HERE TO LISTEN







SEGMENT 7–Cardinals Vice President of Amateur Scouting Jeff Luhnow Joins the Show to Discuss What to Expect From PJ Walters Today in Chicago, Walters Doesn’t Have Too Much to Lose in this Situation, Where In the Hell Is Mark Mulder Right Now, Where Do the Cardinals Stack Up in Terms of Depth, How Surprised Is He to See Thurston and Barden Making an Impact for the Cardinals Right Now, Freese Has Shown He Can Compete At This Level, and Talk About Drafting Players—CLICK HERE TO LISTEN






SEGMENT 8–Frank Robinson Once Shot Charlie Down, The Cat Joins the Show From Vancouver to Discuss Chatting with Andy Murray this Morning, the Blues Are the Best to Work With, Whats Up with Mason’s Beard, the Young Guys Struggling, Better Things Expected Tonight for the Team, Winning Tonight Really Puts the Pressure on the Canucks, and Is Anything Going on with the Canadian Fans and the Blues Players—CLICK HERE TO LISTEN






SEGMENT 9–The Ticket Guys Email of the Day and Window World Exit Poll Results—CLICK HERE TO LISTEN