Fan Who Somersaulted Onto Busch Stadium Home Plate, Usher Who Missed Tackle Chat with The Morning After

Brendan Marks, Wed, 06 May 2015 14:49:00 GMT

The Cardinals-Cubs game gained some national attention on Monday night after a fan ran onto the field during the sixth inning and somersaulted onto home plate.

Here’s the video just in case you missed it:

That fan, identified as a Hazelwood Central grad named Brad B., called into The Morning After on Wednesday to talk about his somersaulting experience, what led to his decision to hijack the game and his time in jail.

“Me personally, I have no regrets,” Brad, AKA The Rally Hoosier, told The Morning After about his mad dash to home. “I’ve just always wanted to run onto the field.”

You can listen to Brad’s complete story here:

Man Who Ran Onto Busch Stadium Field, Somersaults Talks With TMA

That “gentlemen who fell,” the usher in the video above named Big Dad, got some noteriety for laying out to tackle Brad. While he took a bad angle and missed the lunge, he was gracious enough to also talk about the experience with The Ryan Kelley Morning After on Wednesday. Listen to his segment here:

Usher Who Missed Busch Stadium Tackle Chats with TMA