Email of the Day (7/7/16): EOTD Timberwaif

I had a whole “Yu So” bit about a Japanese based AM radio show that mirrored TMA but the Timberwaif statements have to be punished. And Ahh, I can see it now…

Timberwaif bursts in through the sexy cardboard door and yells, “Sexy, I’m home!” After a long shift at the airport and not eating for days, he was famished. Tony was at home preparing a Thanksgiving chicken dinner with all the fixins’. “Did my sexy highlights magazine come in the mail today? Don’t circle all the sexy differences in those pics, like I want a little sexy light reading later.”

“Like like like doe dow like, like like Pau?” Said Tony.

“I know right?!” Replied Timberwaif. “You’re so cute babe. Hey, have you seen my wallet?”

Tony set the Chicky on the table and filled up her man’s QT cup with sexy fireball. “I gotta like hurry and eat. I gotta like go to that bar where those sexy old guys buy me like sexy drinks. Ok?” He said.

Tony replied, “Sounds great dummy. If you could, like, see if either one of our long lost dads is there would ya?”

You mess with Swope, you mess with Cucky and the Stepdads.

Caligula Cucky

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