Email of the Day (7/6/16): Thanks for Trying



It may only be Wednesday morning, but it’s never too early for a passive aggressive email. On that note, I wanted say ‘thanks’ for the two RedB’s tickets I won to last night’s game. So what if the seats weren’t actually located next to one another, or even in the same row, as one might expect of a “pair” of tickets, in the words of a fine pageant host: “It’s still a great night.” Honestly, it made me feel a little better about my decision to not bother picking up the 8 Slipknot tickets I won in February of ’15 for their August of ’15 show. I’d have needed a F’in map to keep track of me and my seven fellow ‘Knotters strewn across Hollywood Casino Ampitheatre. And no, that wasn’t a typo – you guys were actually giving away tickets to The ‘Knot SIX FULL MONTHS in advance of the show, because you definitely wanna get in on the ground floor when Slipknot comes to burn down your city a la Counting Crows – notice I left off the ‘THE’ – who loves ya, Prodsy?

Your pal,

Deucey McBulge

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