Email of the Day (7/27/16): Up and Coming Adult Performer Inquiry

Nikki Bella

You can read the winning Email of the Day here:

To whom it may concern- I heard you are looking for up and coming adult performers and I wanted to apply since I am an adult who enjoys performing. My age is a bit of a mystery, like that of an adopted dog, but I appear to be a hard HARD 40. I reside in Alton and I’m getting ready to start my 11th year at Lewis and Clark Community College. I’m available almost anytime you’d need me but transportation is a bit of an issue. If you want me to come to work you’ll simply need to pay for a taxi to come pick me up and then take me back home. My job history is what I really feel will knock your socks off. I was fired from Jack in the Box a decade ago. That’s it as far as “actual” jobs are concerned, but I’ll have you know that I’m currently an intern with a local professional wrestling organization that may or may not actually have the authority to hire “interns”. My favorite country is Branson, Missouri, I have 89,000 Coke Rewards and if you need any references, please contact former WWE divas champion Nikki Bella on twitter.

Thanks and God Bless America!!!

-The Elusive Misty Plops

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