Email of the Day (7/25/16): Street art

Cucky The Dwarf (right)

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Here’s the real story on what happened at the plow condo.

Rewind to friesdee when I got an urgent call on my burner phone from plowsy. “Hi Plowboy!” I said.

“No time Cuck.” Said plowsy. “Lord Timothy demands you be in your half shirt and jorts on the streets of soulard Sunday. It would be in your best interest to oblige, boy.” Click. He Pinkled me.

I stood with my mouth gaping. Was this my call to arms? The dream I had been waiting for? Yes, Yes and more yes!

I showed up in street clothes and plowsy became enraged. “Where’s your get up, boy?” I grabbed my thong and headed to his bedroom. As I got raw boned to change, I heard a rustle from the closet. “Eeek!” I yelled as Doug Vaughn and Chucky Marmot sprung from the closet door. Well, I guess at least they agree on one thing. My hot body, that looks hot in a thong. It was an MMMM for the ages.

I owe it all to you Clipped Claude. You made it all possible.

Your humble servant,

Cucky the Dwarf

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