Doug Vaughn Wins RFT Readers’ Choice Award for ‘Best AM Radio Personality’

Brendan Marks, Wed, 24 Sep 2014 19:38:00 GMT

well folks, we did it. after weeks on the campaign trail and a slew of negative attack ads, doug vaughn has risen above it all to become the 2014 riverfront times readers choice winner for best am radio personality.

Vaughn was nominated along with Darryn Yates, , Show Me Charlotte and Frank O. Pinion.

While he didn’t get the nod from RFT’s editors (that went to Show Me Charlotte), Vaughn won the reader’s choice poll, arguably more important.

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Doug and Jimmy “The Cat” Hayes were also nominated for “Best Sports Broadcast Personality” along with Joe Buck, Martin Kilcoyne and Mike Shannon. The Voice of the Cardinals, Shannon, won that one.

The Morning After Talks Doug Being Named the People’s Champ

So Kudos to you Doug. All of your suspension hand-outs were not enough to keep you down.