Doug Vaughn Goes on Tirade After Fantasy Football Playoffs Loss

Brendan Marks, Tue, 16 Dec 2014 20:10:00 GMT

between multiple teams not paying and the commissioner trading away all his best players at the trade deadline, it’s safe to say it’s been the most tumultuous season in the cbs sports 920 / insidestl fantasy football league’s storied history.

After 15 weeks, only two teams – Frank Cusumano’s Stallions and Producer Joe’s Sammy Brokedown – remain.

But of course the semifinals couldn’t go by without a little bit of drama. And as tends to happen more often than not (i.e. Vincent Jackson), The Ryan Kelley Morning After’s Doug Vaughn found himself on the outside looking in after a loss to Producer Joe’s team. This time, though, it was Jay Cutler’s late-game throwaway points that led to the demise of The Prime Ministers.

Doug wasn’t happy about it, and made his thoughts known during Monday’s The Morning After, even asking for Producer Joe to give back the points. His outburst, which gets really good at the 4-minute mark, contained some yelling and uncontrollable laughter in classic Doug fashion. Listen here:

Doug Vaughn’s Outburst After Fantasy Football Elimination