Cam Janssen, TJ Moe to join 590 The Fan in new afternoon drive show

Ladies and gentlemen, we are thrilled to announce a new show and new additions to 590 The Fan KFNS and insideSTL.

Starting November 28th, Cam Janssen and TJ Moe will join Hanna Yates, Eric Messersmith, and Matt Whitener from 4 to 7.

As you can imagine, especially to give the Blues and their fans more coverage, we are thrilled to be adding Cam for a Monday through Friday show along with TJ, who I was a big fan of when doing the show with Jim Edmonds. Messersmith joined us from 101 ESPN, and Hanna has been outstanding on The insideSTL News Team and We Are Live. Matt Whitener is a brilliant baseball writer, and he will be the producer and co-host of the show. Brian Hoffman will also produce.

Our lineup stays the same until 2 pm, and then the crew from We Are Live with Chris Denman, Travis Terrell, and Michael Gaines bring it until 4 pm. Joe Roderick and Howard Balzer will continue with the station in new roles.

At 4 pm, Cam, TJ, Hanna, Eric, and Matt are on until 7 pm.

The Heavy Hitters with Matt Berger and T.j. Weber continue to air from 7 to 9 with Charlie Tuna from 9 pm to 11.

We are fired up to add Cam and TJ to the station and look forward to the new show from 4 pm to 7 pm starting November 28th as we continue to grow the new 590 The Fan KFNS.