April 8: Seg. 2 – Blackhawks Analyst Steve Konroyd


A quick update from The Masters, long-time NHL defenseman turned Blackhawks analyst Steve Konroyd joins the program, Charlie doesn’t like the new playoff format in the NHL but it’s better for TV ratings, Doug has a breadth of historical knowledge and tells us about the Lewis and Clark expedition, how do you feel about talking to people on flights, Tim shares an anecdote about a media member who got plastered on the Blues team plane, Charlie defends his usage of the word pop, Doug has no desire to return to Disney World even if it’s as a grandpa, would it be worth moving to Florida but live in the middle of the state, when did Missouri become a state, does Doug get mad at Charlie now and if so why, Doug would rather sell shoes than do this show, Frank recommends Nordstrom rack for shoe shopping, Tim likes to people watch at Whole Foods, Mike Lee joins the presentation, Charlie got a prison letter once, the Florida Panthers have a nice roster, Chuck did a story about a smell-oriented dating service, Bobby Vestal grabs a mic to explain why he sends vile pictures to Doug and the creation of the Fan Page.