April 8: Seg. 1 – Show Open


The Blues had an unbelievable win last night, is Brian Elliott the best goalie in the NHL right now, remembering Manon Rheaume, explaining the updated playoff scenarios at this point, Tim loves the Blues and Stars parlay tomorrow, maybe the Blues go to the Western Conference finals every 15 years, Doug doesn’t like that people are writing #FreeDotem on their receipts at Salt + Smoke, we really need to do a show in Vegas, how often do broads where heels at the pool, how long was Chuck holding on to the engagement ring before proposing, is he truly a solid St. Louis 9, Plowsy is considering some old school exercises, he also sweats a lot in bed, which one of us can do the most push-ups, Bobby Vestal arrives with treats, Doug couldn’t make out of town plans around the start of the NHL Playoffs, is there a conflict with Mumford and Sons at Scottrade Center, could the Plow Boy do 200 push-ups, a Japanese man apparently set the world record with over 10,000 consecutive push-ups, a very short Tarasenko soundbyte leads to a discussion of behind-the-scenes TV news prep, Doug is getting irritated by Charlie’s continuing criticism of his push-ups, would Prod Joe ever get back into the ring with Timberfake, do they give out rings for winning the Central Division.