April 7: Seg. 3 – Nitwittery, EOTD


Gimme Dat Daddy Butter brings us back in, another update from The Masters, can Tiger win another major, a twitter troll trashing the Cardinals had an avatar reminiscent of the Vianney Father / Son Dance, Charlie doesn’t like the terms pitch-maker or strike-thrower, Doug doesn’t like “Hockey trade” or “Hockey play”, can the Cardinals break the record for most strikeouts in a season, Caller Adam interrupts Charlie’s #HotTake to ask Plowsy about his new TV, up next on the phone lines is Roger who wants Brendan Ryan and Pete Kozma back on the Cardinals, Mike Lee follows with his thoughts on the Redbirds and coffee, people on the Fan Page are upset that Charlie will be wearing a red jacket on Opening Day, Bobby Vestal is going to drive 2 hours to come visit the studio tomorrow, he and Chrissy Runnergirl will be coming with soppings, Doug’s shoulder has flared up again, an astrophysicist from Louisiana is predicting the apocalypse this month, remembering the Bruce Willis film Armagaeddon, Charlie sings Aerosmith, what would you do if there was only a week to live, lots of Hall Passes for married couples, Chuck would embrace living in a post-apocalyptic world, whatever happened to Liv Tyler, identifying our female listeners, does Tim sound different today for some reason, Charlie explains the hijinx with his headphones yesterday, sad news as our board operator Kyle will soon depart for a new job, Email of the Day.