April 6: Seg. 2 – Derrick Goold, Nitwittery


Man this Ween Wednesday is sick, Cardinals reporter and Writers’ Block co-host Derrick Goold joins the program from Pittsburgh, fall weather and seasons are discussed, does Doug ever have snowball fights with the Vaughn sons, which season sees the most lesbianism, Charlie’s fiance has packages delivered almost everyday, Marlow generally won’t answer his phone even when it’s family calling, will Doug continue doing this show even when he’s in a nursing home, apparently a #TMASisterhood is forming, one of our female listeners actually went to Harvard, our listeners are also dreaming about tribbing, could the concert announcement be Garth Brooks, Tim wonders if it’s Joshua, Steve Aoki’s dad lived above Doug back in Miami, best and worst concerts we’ve ever seen, what constitutes a rave, would Plowsy check out the pool scene in Vegas like Chuck, Doug exudes wealth, the Vaughns once took home the wrong dog from the groomer, Nipper and Bandit are both good names for dogs, can dogs be bought off with Lion’s Choice or steak.