April 6: Seg. 1 – Show Open


Why does Doug still treat Charlie like an outsider, will he build a wall around Toledo, Chuck’s headphones aren’t working, an update on our impending studio move, Tim is constructing his Masters lineup for DraftKings, Charlie is looking at the glass half full because Hazelbaker and Diaz notched their first career hits, #AudioFun as it’s the 5th Anniversary of TLR’s first week of the season rant, Tim is concerned about Grichuk’s lack of contact to this point, Doug wonders if there’s just something missing, are the Cardinals stuck with some declining assets that will bring their window to a close this season, Michael Wacha didn’t look like he was fooling anyone last night but it might have looked a little better had Diaz made the double play, Tim questions Holliday at 3 and Molina at 5, Charlie thinks Matheny tends to bunt a tad too much, Will is first up on The Appliance Discounters phone lines to discuss power bats, Nicasio vs. Leake should be an interesting pitching matchup tonight, Plow Boy weighs in with his analysis on the Cardinals so far and predicts 50 wins for the bullpen this season, it sure looks like the Blues will face the Blackhawks in the first round, do you always have to intro D.C. as our nation’s capital, Charlie likes to use a new stat called puck velo, Blues are now at 9:1 to win the Stanley Cup, Tim has a #HotTake on the Timberwolves, Doug says luck factors more into hockey than other sports, Tim says that hockey is the only sport in which coaches will admit that they didn’t like the effort tonight, what’s the concert that will be announced at Busch Stadium today, could it be Billy Joel or Paul McCartney.