April 5: Seg. 3 – Rick Hummel, EOTD


The dulcet tones of Akoostic Sessions bring us into segment, the Hall of Famer Rick Hummel joins from Pittsburgh to preview Game 2 for the Cardinals, #AudioFun of Doug’s freudian slip during the interview, more #AudioFun with NCAA Title Game final calls, what is on Anna-Marie’s Mt. Rushmore of Drops, Charlie says Plowsy is a handsy talker, diagraming the best routes from Tim’s house to the new studios, discussion of which podcasts Tim listens to in the car, Chris Long named his child after Waylon Jennings, Charlie is going to play wiffle ball with Tim on the weekend, Chuck’s fiance would like to get a house in Kirkwood, does light reflecting off Tim’s head help Anna-Marie take better pictures, Chuck is concerned about somebody with an XXX handle following him on Twitter, should Tim have heels added to his sneakers for extra height, Dale calls in to promote a 5K run he’s doing along with Larry Nickel, Email of the Day.