April 5: Seg. 1 – Show Open


Charlie has been hesitant to look up the definition of tribbing, Jay Wright no-sold that game winning shot in the tournabee, that shot cost John Vaughn $350, #AudioFun with some of the final calls, Doug didn’t appreciate the Massimino cutaway, what would’ve happened if the confetti guns had gone off and then the shot was ruled no good, does Villanova’s success bode well for the upside at SLU, #AudioFun with Marcus Paige’s emotional postgame, it’s a cruel tournament for 67 teams, #AudioFun with the Villanova student radio final call, Kerry Kittles continues to aggressively text into the program, Charlie reads tweets from Cucky the Dwarf and shares a story from Vegas, do chicks want to hook up with Britney Spears’ brother, how much does Calvin Harris get paid per night, would Charlie hook up with Britney now if he wasn’t engaged, which of her music videos was the hottest, classic #AudioFun about Britney and her hot body that looks hot in a bikini, what’s K-Fed up to these days, another Vegas story from Charles Marlow, Tim spotted Brad Ausmus in downtown Miami, where are the most attractive women in the country now located, WWE Recap with Larry Nickel.