TMA: Seg. 1 – Show Open


Show Open: The boys are posted up at Ryan Kelley’s world headquarters for this morning’s program, program will be filled with Blues hockey talk, Doug does a fantastic hockeyism about the big game 2 win against the Dallas Stars, Hitchcock agrees that the two goal lead is the worst lead in hockey during postgame interview, Backes is one of very few players in the league that are willing to play in the crease and be physical, Elliot gets dazed by a slap shot to the mask, Cardinals continue to struggle as they get swept by the Nationals, Cardinals do not hit well at all against above average pitching, Cardinals defense has more errors than any other team in the league, who is the answer as an every day shortstop option Tejada or Diaz? What seems to be going on with Kolten Wong and his struggles at the plate? Cardinals hold Bryce Harper hitless and they still managed to get swept, What seems to be the problem with Wainwright and Leake? Cat taking heat on text line about how he is a “Rights Holder,” Molina surprisingly is having a very good start to the season offensively, Blues now have the home ice advantage after winning 1 of two games in Dallas, an officer of the law told Cat to “Free Dotem,” Pat Paris of Fox Sports Midwest did his last show over the weekend, Doug showed up to the studio this morning instead of going to Ryan Kelley.