TMA: Seg. 1 – Show Open


Jennings is in studio today and he’s a big fan of that KKD, Tim enjoys listening to our replay when it’s full of nitwittery, Jay is locked into the Blues again, the new playoff format has some pitfalls, should they re-seed after the first round, a Taco Bell employee just made a delivery here, Ray King was apparently responsible, oh my the shrub walker has returned, are people still send Jennings pictures of feet, why would you want to wear a half shirt, our former colleague Jason Barrett has released his sports radio draft, Claibs apparently has beef with Le Batard, Jennings asks The Sea Monster about his time working for Barrett, how often does Doug where boots, what are Jay’s #FFF plans at the Free Dotem open, Tim saw David Lee at Billy G’s yesterday, did Tim really have Steak n’ Shake delivered to him, Jennings explains his appreciation for feet … it’s really for the fans, Scruffy calls in via The Appliance Discounters phone lines, up next is Mike Lee.