TMA: Seg. 3 – More Nitwittery


Katie is making all sorts of new friends today, most of her friends are guys, self-analysis on her psyche including her relationship with her sister, call back to the Polygamy Tree, Katie has cuddle friends who do her laundry, she explains why she should not be considered priviliged, are listeners more loyal to We Are Live or TMA, why hasn’t she been on with Denman this week, how much do private schools cost, have Katie’s parents seen her do naked cuddling, her parents have great sex drives even in their 50’s, Doug wants Katie to interview her grand-parents, she doesn’t expect to ever get married, what’s the dividing line between Webster and Kirkwood, we’re closing in on 5000 Fan Page members, is Katie straight up bi, she might go out with Doug’s kids, explaining half siblings compared to step-siblings, where exactly does West County start, Katie has a short attention span, discussion of city neighborhoods, Arena Liquor is right across the street, Katie drinks whiskey, no tats for her but at least 6 piercings, no hood ornament, thankfully guests don’t fade this program as much as they used to, lactation is discussed.