TMA: Seg. 1 – Show Open


Oh hey it’s that Katie Kay filling in for The Cat today, she couldn’t find a bathroom here this morning, Doug breaks out the suspension logule early, how did Katie find out about TMA, the challenges of using Tinder, Larry had to issue a statement after he claimed inaccurately that Katie flashed him on Snapchat, she met the Wolf of Wash Ave on a dating app, she goes to the Starbucks where older men known as Silver Foxes fire on her, Katie hasn’t met Jennings yet, Tim switches microphones because he hears whistles, what’s a double gap year in college, Katie sounds like she’s the dom in her relationships, what’s the definition of tribbing, she’s the proud owner of a G-spot wand, Larry Nickel calls in via The Appliance Discounters phone lines, is Katie going to date one of Doug’s sons, has she been with a woman such as her bisexual best friend, she’s insecure about her feet, Katie’s down because her sister got engaged so now the spotlight is on her plus her childhood dog had to be put down – bummer, thanks to the Predators now our Game 3 will be an 8:43pm start on Monday, texters want Katie to take her pants off, Mike Lee checks into the presentation, Tim wants to run through the wall in his office, how does Katie feel about doing the show this morning, does she enjoy discussing ass play, we’re sending a pic of Katie’s foot to Jennings, would she be up for a date with Janie TL or strap-on play, does Katie have an affinity for Manchild79 or Tony the plow Dow, she has intel on Tim’s new friend Lace, does Katie have pincer feet, what are some of the questions she gets from Jennings, why is her dad on the Fan Page, the lesbian walk is a real thing, has Katie been sniped after sharing some ice baths.