April 27: Seg. 2 – Brien Rea, Rick Hummel


Discussion of 80’s song lyrics and The Goonies, Tim is offended by the stereotypes from that film which Charlie enjoys, Kayden Kross and Manuel have shot porn in their own bedroom, the former Executive Producer of this radio station is now the PBP man for the Stars AHL affiliate and the great Brien Rea joins the presentation, nobody knows where the keys to the 590 van are, an update on Tim’s friend who appeared in Playboy’s Girls of the Big 12 issue in 1996, Hall of Fame baseball writer Rick Hummel joins the show to discuss Carlos Martinez and the Cardinals power surge, what’s the line on the Cardinals ultimate win total now that we’re an 1/8th of the way into the season, Tim gives tips for life and sports predictions, Plowsy is stuck being called Plow Hawk because of his prediction, headphones make you cool in poker, why do professional poker players often get into drugs, white bread isn’t good for you either, Doug never saw cocaine usage while living in Miami, the new coke is probably adderall, are there any attractive women named Marge, Charlie’s mic stand makes a ton of noise.