April 27: Seg. 1 – Show Open


Local TV stations love doing pseudo-stories on fans like the chesty woman in pink from Game 7, Tim hangs out in the grove and guides lesbians, what kind of experience is required to produce this program, Chuck grills the Sea Monster, is Tim the lesbian Moses, the black gentleman on twitter who just embraced hockey has become a social media star, the Blues are favored against the Stars despite not having home ice advantage, Doug is surprised by how little interest he has in the NFL Draft now, Plowsy predicts the Blues win this series in 5 games, did Playboy ever do an issue with the women of Taco Bell, Tim’s computer keeps freezing, will we have a #FFF with Jennings as the potential fill-in on Friday, Sam Bradford might be the most over-paid player in NFL history, varying definitions of the swirl, random people offer to participate in Foot Fetish Friday but it’s not what we’re looking for exactly, the Fan Page has almost 5000 members and Tim is approaching 20K followers on twitter, Charlie thinks we should ask for a photographic resume for #FFF contestants, the Shrub Walker has returned, national analysts seem bullish on the Blues against Dallas, is Doug a closet Stars fan, Timberfake joins via The Appliance Discounters phone lines.