April 26: Seg. 3 – Brian Lawton and EOTD


Plowsy brings us back with We Are the Champions … perhaps a bit presumptively, former NHL player and GM turned NHL Network analyst Brian Lawton checks into the show, discussion of Kenny Loggins songs, does Bryan Adams crush him in movie soundtracks, Big Ed calls into the show, there was a gentleman at Subway in Festus making sandwiches without a shirt yesterday apparently, a 90 year-old man just married his 40 year-old boyfriend, Caller Adam joins to discuss porn, Charlie wonders who is the oldest woman to give birth, what’s up with CFNM, Plowsy thinks the attraction has something to do with the art of seduction, Doug and Charlie won’t call teams clubs, Doug doesn’t understand furries, discussion of melons vs. lopes, what’s up with Greinke in Arizona so far, have both Katie Kay and Doug thought about stripping, do women fantasize about hot bellhops, Email of the Day.