April 26: Seg. 2 – Kelly Chase and Doug MacLean


An old time Blues song brings us back, radio analyst Kelly Chase joins the program to share his observations from Game 7, how many people sold their tickets to Chicago fans, somebody was mad on the Fan Page that Ryan Kelley sponsors other radio stations for some reason, former NHL coach & GM turned Sportsnet analyst Doug MacLean joins the presentation, Doug wonders if the Blackhawks will rebuild now because the Blues might have had they lost even though it was a 1 goal difference, Tim reads a Blues related tweet by Deke Dotem, Charlie with knowledge on playoff revenue from 2014, Tim had a sex dream last night, there was a busty woman sitting behind the Blackhawks bench that caught quite a bit of attention, did Coach Q sneak a look, when is Pat Parris’ final show at FS Midwest, Caller Ellen jumps into the show, Tim runs down his show plan, discussion of TV sports anchors both past and present, #AudioFun with Rich Gould drops leads to a mini Doug gigle fit, Ray Hartmann was caught on TV during the broadcast last night, discussion of Ronald Reagan’s hair.