April 26: Seg. 1 – Show Open


Doug claims he was up late installing sound-proofing in the studio, he did however save time to craft a hockeyism, the Scottrade Center was nuts last night but people seemed to be holding their breath in the final seconds, #AudioFun with the calls from last night, this Hawks team wasn’t hateable like in years past it was just a terrific series, did this win mean more than most first round series victories, is some pressure off the team now because they vanquished their rivals, this felt more like a conference final, Tim was able to get #tribbing trending last night, it’s big for Tom Stillman to get another round of home game revenue, what will this one win do for the team’s confidence, somehow the Blues were able to keep Kane and Toews in check all series, Upshall was playing out of his mind, John Kelly said this is the most incredible Blues playoff series he’s witnessed, do you like the way they match-up against the Stars, the WWE might cause a scheduling conflict at the Scottrade Center in the 2nd round, Charlie snaps his fingers to make a point, how big of a story is Ezekiel Elliott in the NFL Draft for St. Louis now, what are the Plow Hawk’s thoughts on last night’s outcome, he likes Blues in 5 over Dallas, there are a lot of upstart teams in the Final 8 this season, Plowsy is now predicting that the Blues will make the Stanley Cup Finals only to lose in 6 to Pittsburgh, can Tim hook people up with tickets to Game 3, Doug finally unblocked Charlie on twitter, Steve in Wildwood joins via The Appliance Discounters phone lines, Mike Lee joins from an echo chamber.