April 25: Seg. 3 – Chaser and EOTD


Manic Monday brings us back as the Plow Boy provides a nice call-back, discussion of songs Prince wrote for other artists, is Kelly Chase at Mike Lee’s house, Chaser chimes in with his thoughts on Game 7 presented by GFI Digital, there’s a gentleman in a half shirt walking up and down Hampton with a Free Dotem sign … oh my that’s Cucky the Dwarf, the Plow Boy has smoked up with him, Doug isn’t ready for the NHL playoffs to end in St. Louis, #AudioFun with Donald Trump again, look at how many coaches have left the Blues and won the Cup, oh my the shrub walker has returned, are we an attractive nuisance, Steve in Wildwood calls into the presentation, who scores the game-winner, Cucky the Dwarf calls in from outside and apparently he was harassed by a police officer, about 30 new people joined the Fan Page to see Tim’s pics from this morning, tonight is a defining moment for Blues fans as well, Caller Adam checks in with stats on Doug’s last Emmy win, Cucky with a quick shout-out, Email of the Day.