April 25: Seg. 1 – Show Open


Charlie Marlow is a big time anchor now and he’s here sitting across from Doug, it was a long weekend for Doug who did a 3 mile walk, tonight’s Game 7 will determine who moves on in these Stanley Cup playoffs, if you had to put a decent amount of cash on the contest tonight which way would you bet, Doug’s not happy to learn that 74% of these St. Louisians say the Blackhawks, Vaughn predicts a 3-2 Blues win, where did we get the hot take bell, Tim wants referrals for Bovada, all great CEO’s use hotmail, Hochman makes a good point that today will have historical significance no matter the outcome, Hitch and Backes could have their futures here in St. Louis riding on this game, the Blackhawks are nearly unbeatable under Coach Q in Games 5 thru 7, Tarasenko’s ice time has been a subject of debate the past two games, do we know the game better than Vlad, the second period of Game 6 was one of the worst in team history, scoring first will be key according to the percentages, checking in with Plow Hawk, what happened at Billy G’s when the picture froze on KSDK, guessing who Tim saw there – it was friend of the show Lace Morris, she apparently took an interest in Anna-Marie so Tim took a dive into the shrubbery, why was it a negative that Lace tried to kiss The Bachelor so early, Doug enjoys bunt cake while Charlie likes red velvet, is there an age ceiling for contestants on The Bachelor, caller Jordanne nominates Plowsy as the next Bachelor, should they have a pot-head version of the show, a texter wants Doug to go on Naked and Afraid, Plowsy suggests that pubes should be used as kindling for a fire, his nipple hair is discussed, Tim and Chuck both saw Bill Maher last night, the audience was a bit older than anticipated, surprisingly there was a lot of masturbation humor, Maher does autographs but apparently doesn’t do pictures, did he stay the night in St. Louis or fly private jet home, Charlie has left the Fan Page.