April 22: Seg. 2 – Matthew Barnaby and Kelly Chase


The phones are acting flakey again, friend of the show and NHL analyst Matthew Barnaby joins the program, what’s the solution for these late start times and will it go on in the 2nd round of the playoffs as well, Rob the Blackhawks fan calls in to discuss ushers at Scottrade, Matt calls in to comment on Doug’s hockeyism, how nervous should St. Louis fans feel this morning, Blues analyst Kelly Chase checks into the presentation, surprisingly M.C. Hammer was the key to victory in the Chase and Pang podcast twitter giveaway, Charlie is still blocked by Doug, Chuck explains his departure from the Fan Page, #FunWithAudio brought to you by Llywelyn’s Pub with an awkward interview of Jonathan Papelbon, Tim addresses this morning’s story in the Post-Dispatch.