April 22: Seg. 1 – Show Open


Chuck Marlow is in the house and he’s not happy with the NHL because of how late last night’s game went, the Blues dominated at times last night it’s a shame they weren’t able to close out the Hawks, #AudioFun with Chicago announcer Pat Foley who also ripped the start time and then was cut off by NBCSN, Doug with a hockeyism, will the phone lines work today … your guess is as good as ours, Misty Plops and Cucky the Dwarf are in a heated battle for Email of the Month, did the mics ever not work at KMOX, Mike Milbury took a passive aggressive shot at Foley, the Blues ability to comeback is truly impressive, previous versions of this team might have folded after that late second period goal, the phone was invented back in 1876, Jason checks in via The Appliance Discounters phone lines, how tight will Blues fans be if this series goes 7, the crowd was in a frenzy last night, did two gentlemen kiss each other after the Backes goal, Plowsy wants to see a Game 7 so is he rooting for the Hawks, Charlie explains his homage to Prince on Fox 2 last night, Jennings has a #FFF lined up for every hour of our show for the #FreeDotem Open, was that Ray King or Mike Lee, Katie Kay doesn’t want to participate in the foot play, should the Blues make sure Mike Lee is in attendance for Game 6, Tim’s phone is a hotbed of gay activity right now, Charlie shows off his feet including a bunyon.