April 15: Seg. 2 – Rick Hummel and More


Randal Grichuk almost cost himself a HR yesterday by passing Brandon Moss on the base paths, Steve in Wildwood calls into the show, he’s requesting a lesbian kiss cam for Game 2, Doug has been doing live shots from the parking lot at some of the biggest moments in sports, Tim says lesbianism was caught on the kiss cam at an Oklahoma City Thunder game recently, is there more titillation with a woman on woman kiss rather than man on woman, is eye contact allowed during an MMF, Tim’s nipples are having a soft cow, Mike Lee checks into the program, do we want to talk about the Rams trade, Tim still isn’t sold on the Chargers moving to LA, Chapps finally gets put on the presentation, cities in California are discussed, Hall of Famer Rick Hummel joins us to evaluate Jaime Garcia’s 1-hitter and preview this weekend’s action, TV ratings were down significantly for Game 1 of the Blues postseason, Tim is spending some time in CoMo this weekend, he’s worried that the Blues game won’t be on TV at the bars because of some Royals game or something, Caller Ellen calls into the show.