April 15: Seg. 1 – Show Open


What will Duncan Keith’s return mean for Game 2 tonight, he’s a Stanley Cup kinda player according to Doug, it’s an emotional day as this will be our last show in this studio, Tim had dinner at Billy G’s again last night despite being there for the show in the morning, Plowsy stared down Tim while he was preparing food, Prod Joe met his girlfriend at a coffee shop which was also InsideSTL’s unofficial first headquarters, there used to be a lot more sports on radio a few years ago says Doug, we need to get our bodies ready for pool season at Brentwood Forest, Tim enjoys Jennings Top 30 MILF countdown, a look around the NHL playoffs from last night, Doug loves watching Florida Panthers hockey, a raucous debate breaks out on the merits of taking Chapps’ phone call, Plowsy regrets fighting a speeding ticket, will Doug pay his son’s ticket, The Cat ignites a political discussion which somehow also referenced Dikembe Mutombo, more #AudioFun with Donald Trump, Caller Adam jumps into the presentation, The Big Short might have been Tim’s favorite film of 2015, Creed was also strong to quite strong, the text line is especially stupid today, Plowsy can’t respond because he’s busy cleaning up a soda spill, Tim discusses making an emotional risk management bet against the Blues, there are still tickets on StubHub for tonight’s game, Big Al calls into the presentation.