10-12-18 Segment 1 Tim, Iggy, and the Plowhawk will livestream during the Tigers game tomorrow

Doug had to wear a jacket today and he’s not happy about it. Plowsy is worried about camping in the cold. DJ Gabe 911 writes with a swagger we haven’t seen in a while. Fantasy Coachworks commercial: “Live the Fantasy.” Tim will live stream the Mizzou v. Bama game from his basement with Iggy and Plowhawk tomorrow night. Plowsy will bring his wax pen to Tim’s house. Plowsy explains wax to the old guys. Miss Terry wants Bama fans to behave Dixieland Delight. Caller Jim bum rushes the show. Caller Dan is on his way down to Bama for Mizzou and Stingray.