09-18-18 Segment 1 I want a man with a slow hand

Gangster Pete reformatted the captain’s log. The quality of the preparation is the precursor to a quality paint job. I want a man with a slow hand. Conway Twitty song?  Iggy did not nominate himself for the Brentwood High School Hall of Fame. The Cat calls out Iggy. Iggy plays Lady Gaga sound. The guys are excited to see her new movie. Versace, Versace, Versace. Emmys talk. Timmy the Tickler and Caller Adam don’t like Gangster Pete screening their calls. Iggy and Plowsy got duped into manual labor at the golf tournament yesterday. Iggy got cucked on the golf course. Iggy’s show at The Woman was called: “Iggy’s Tree House.” Dark web talk. WWE Recap.