Zydeco Blues Exit Poll: Plowboy’s Testes, Bear or Shark Attack and B-List Celebs

Brendan Marks, Fri, 19 Jun 2015 15:12:00 GMT

every friday, we select listener-submitted questions to ask the hosts of the ryan kelley morning after. this tradition is known as the zydeco blues friday exit poll. you can listen to the latest edition here, or read the typed-out answers below.

The Exit Poll on The Morning After

How much would you pay for Plowsie’s testicle?

Doug: $40,000 is the going rate; idea to freeze the item or place it on his mantle

Charlie: Zero

Tim: N/A

What would you rather incur? Bear attack or shark attack?

Doug: Bear…You have a chance to run to the car, you have a chance to play dead..Shark is not going for any of that.

Charlie: I have read the whole shark attack phenomenon is overblown.

Tim: N/A

If you had to wake up in a hotel room after overdosing on Benadryl with one B-list celebrity in the room, who would it be?

Doug: After some kind of fit…Jaclyn Smith

Charlie: Tiffani Amber Thiessen

Tim: So it’s wrong I want Lexington Steele?

Cute dudes or handsome men?

Doug: Neither

Charlie: Cute dudes

Tim: Cute dudes