Yahoo Sports’ Wyshynski: Armstrong deserves most blame for Hitchcock’s dismissal

Blues General Manager Doug Armstrong.
Blues General Manager Doug Armstrong.

Yahoo Sports! Puck Daddy Blog editor Greg Wyshynski joined The Writers’ Block to give his reaction to the Blues’ firing of Ken Hitchcock.

Read a few quick quotes and listen to the more in-depth interview below:

Did you see it coming?

“I didn’t see it coming (because the team is still in a playoff spot). The idea hey’re going to drop the hammer on Ken Hitchcock when he’s one (win away from tying the third spot on NHL All-Time career wins list), knowing that one of his best friends (is Doug Armstrong). But apparently Doug Armstrong felt this was the only button he could press (to shake things up).”

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On Armstrong saying Yeo being a head-coach-in-waiting didn’t factor into the decision to fire Hitchcock:

“It’s bizarre, because you figure if you have a spare lying around…you’re going to use it.”

In your opinion, who do you think is most directly at fault for the firing of Hitchcock?

“It’s (Jake Allen), but you have to go back and think about why Allen has morphed into this quivering bowl of jell-o. That tracks back to Armstrong. Losing a veteran safety net like Elliott…or another veteran goaltender to bail him out, that was a mistake. Jim Corsi as the goaltending coach was a mistake. I think in that instance, if you’re going to blame Allen for the season, then you have to blame Armstrong for setting up that situation.”

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“But the rest of it is also on Armstrong. But he clearly misjudged the impact losing (some of these veteran players) would have on the team. You’ve got guys who are playing for the back of the jersey and not the Note on the front. You’ve got ‘independent contractors’ who are inching towards putting up offensive numbers instead of being defensively responsible. To me, that’s a lack of accountability and lack of understanding the room insofar as…turning the team over to younger guys who have allowed a lot of the team aspect of the Blues to atrophy.”