Week Eight of The Wheelhouse Football Picks of The Week

Week Eight of The Wheelhouse Picks of The Week

Congratulations to John H., who won $20 to Wheelhouse after going 5-1 (one game pushed) last week.

Here are the results after seven weeks (with Jared starting after two weeks):

Tim: Last week 4-2 / 24-23 overall / 3-4 Locks of the Week
Producer Joe: 0-6 / 20-27 overall / 3-4 Locks of the Week
Jared: 3-3 / 17-16 overall / 4-1 Locks of the Week

And here are this week’s games and picks:

Middle Tennessee @ Missouri -6.5

Producer Joe: So….I didn’t have a very good week with my picks. Went 0’fer. Pretty solid. Oh well, it can only get better from here. I can guarantee that I get at least one pick right this week. Baby steps. Speaking of baby steps, that should be the theme for the Missouri team this week. Get a team they should be able to hang at least 30 points on and build for the rest of the year. Losing this game means they aren’t going to a bowl game this season. Losing this game would look horrible for the program. Winning this game doesn’t really mean anything either, but it sure as hell is better than losing. This one shouldn’t be close.  Missouri (-6.5)

Jared: Missouri (-6.5)

Tim: Missouri (-6.5)

Texas A&M @ Alabama -18

Producer Joe: I just can’t bet against Alabama the rest of the year.  Just like I won’t pick the Rams this year, I will not pick against Alabama the rest of the way.  If we are going to use the transitive property, A&M went to overtime at home against Tennessee & Alabama just got done winning by 39 at UT….so Bama should win by a whole fucking bunch. Pick: Alabama (-18)

Jared: Texas A&M (+18)usc-chicks1

Tim: Texas A&M (+18)

Arkansas @ Auburn -10

Producer Joe: This line doesn’t make a lick of sense to me. I don’t see how Auburn is better than any other Top 25 by 10 points right now. I will take the team that is getting points and can hold on to the ball for extended periods of time. Pick: Arkansas (+10)

Jared: Auburn (-10)

Tim: Arkansas (+10)

Giants -3 at Rams (in London)

Producer Joe: The entire country can wake up and watch this game on Sunday morning, what a treat.  Wake up & watch Jeff Fisher and the Fighting .500 Rammies while they get torched by the Giants.  I will be glued to the television….right up to the point that Manchester United and Chelsea kick off.  This game should be over by that point.  Fuck the Rams. Pick: Giants (-3)


Jared: Giants (-3)

Tim: Giants (-3)

Patriots -7 @ Steelers

Producer Joe: Do I think that Landry Jones or whoever else could play QB for the Steelers is going to be good enough to beat the Pats? No. Seems simple. Pick: Patriots (-7)

Jared: Patriots (-7)

Tim: Patriots (-7)

Seahawks @ Cardinals -2

Producer Joe: This is probably the first Sunday Night game all season that I am looking forward to watching.  By this point I should be 6-0 with my picks and will be looking for the perfect week.  I’m taking the points because I think the Seahawks are just better than the Cardinals at this point. Pick: Seahawks (+2)

Jared: Seahawks (+2)

Tim: Cardinals (-2)

Lock of the Week

Producer Joe: Wyoming @ Nevada Total (Total: 52.5): Simple.  Operation 7-0 will be locked down. Pick: Over 52.5

Jared: Colts at Titans (-2): Pick: Titans (-2)

Tim: Giants at Rams (in London) (Total 43.5): Pick: Over 43.5

Now’s your chance to participate in the fun and games. Pick the games we picked and your own Lock of The Week using the latest spreads from scoresandodds.com, and email them to POTW@insidestl.comGive the total points of the Missouri-Middle Tennessee game for your tiebreaker. Whoever does the best wins a $20 gift certificate to The Wheelhouse.