Wednesday’s Show Synopsis……..

Ben Boyd, Wed, 11 Jun 2008 15:50:00 GMT

Wednesday's Show Synopsis

jay jr. fills in again today for the cat who is with the cardinals in cincinnati…..the guys talk about albert pujols getting injured last night, and the wonder how long he will be out….barry bonds is brought up as a possible replacement, and the guys wonder if the cards should go after someone like barry or if the team could trade for a big bat…there is no word on exactly how long pujols will be out though so the guys aren’t sure if anything needs to be done yet besides the platoon of chris duncan and joe mather at first…..nick stavinoha is tearing it up, and doug wonders if they can bring him up to play in the outfield and see what he can do up here……. the guys take calls about what listeners would do to replace pujols at first.

The guys get to what Dave Duncan said yesterday on the show about how the media has irritated him in their coverage of Chris. He said he doesn’t think Chris was treated equally…….After the show, Tim called Dave Duncan because Producer Joe said he was pretty upset after the interview because he said he didn’t know he would be asked about Chris…..Tim talked to him for about 20 minutes, and Tim thinks what really made Duncan mad was Bernie’s column…..Tim said he asked Dave why doesn’t he explain why he is upset and share his side, but Dave said he doesn’t want to bring more attention to the situation—even though a couple callers have already said on the show this morning that the only reason Chris is being called back up is because his dad is a coach.

The guys wonder if Al Hrabosky was serious or not when he said Jim Edmonds sent him a text last night in the 9th inning of the Cards’ game. Dan McLaughlin made a joke about how old Russ Springer is and a little later Al said that Edmonds sent him a text that said Springer won’t like the joke….When Tim heard that Edmonds sent the text, he checked and saw that the Cubs were still playing so he sent Jim a text saying it’s great that he was watching the Cards game while the Cubs were still playing.

Bill DeWitt:
Bill said it was rough watching Albert get carried off the field last night, but they won’t know how serious it is till he gets evaluated in St. Louis…….Bill said that Barry Bonds has never been discussed as a possible Cardinal, and he is not in the picture…….DeWitt said it is fun to see young guys contributing and not having veterans block them from playing in the big leagues. Three young pitchers who are all around 23 years of age played very well against a very tough team to beat at home last night…..Bill thinks transition is a better word for this season than rebuilding because they knew they had talent to replace the veterans who had been with the team….He said that by transition he means the average age of the players coming down, not that they wouldn’t be competitive……Bill said they will consider anything to improve their club, but at this point they really don’t know what the situation is with Pujols, and he doesn’t really want to fool with the success of the young players who have been getting opportunities to play……On making a move at the trade deadline, Bill said they’ve always thought that if they feel there is a difference maker out there and there is value financially they will make a move……The Dave Matthews concert was executed well, and they had no real problems. Bill said having concerts at the ballpark is good for the city and the ballpark….He thinks having a concert or two each year can be a good thing…..Buying the Bowling Hall of Fame was important for the Cardinals in building Ballpark Village because they have that land in the plans for development.

tim donaghy’s attorney sent a letter stating that the nba encouraged refs to help fix the outcome of games so that more favorable match-ups would face each other in the playoffs and playoff series would last longer……tim referred to game 6 in 2002 between the lakers and sacramento kings as a game that the refs called an inordinate amount of fouls against the kings in the 4th quarter because they wanted to extend the series to a game 7….scott pollard, who fouled out in that game, was quoted yesterday as saying, “i knew it. there was something wrong with that game.”….jay jr. is amazed at how the nba has made it thus far without really being scathed by the scandal.

Jimmy “the Cat” Hayes:
Jim loves going out in Cincinnati and partying it up, but after the injury, he just went back to the hotel…..Cat talked to Albert in Houston after he didn’t start those games in Washington and Pujols said that he is 40%. Cat told him that most players wouldn’t play if they were 50%, so he asked LaRussa what he thought and he said that Albert was probably right…….Pujols left and went back to the hotel before the game was finished. Cat said he thinks Pujols’ injury looks pretty serious because if you heard the post-game interview with LaRussa, he said that Pujols is destined for the DL, which is different from his usual stance of not commenting much till they know what the injury is…… Mozeliak basically said that Duncan was coming up before the Pujols injury yesterday so Cat thinks Duncan will be coming up for sure, and he thinks Joe Mather will probably be sent down. He hasn’t heard Adam Kennedy’s name being thrown around at all….. LaRussa, Duncan, and Mozeliak were all there earlier than normal yesterday so they could watch the injured pitchers throw before the game…..Wellemeyer should make the start on Saturday and said that he didn’t think there was anything seriously wrong with him anyway……Cat said the locker room after the game was a bit somber because everybody was so worried about Pujols…..The Cardinals were worried about last night’s starter Mitchell Boggs’ off-speed pitches, but he threw his change-up yesterday a few times and got a strikeout with one. Boggs said having that 2 inning session out of the bullpen the other day helped keep him calm in his first start……Cat was wondering if the Cubs were playing last night when Hrabosky said that Edmonds sent him a text and said he will try to find out today if there really was a text sent.

Bernie Miklasz:
Bernie’s initial reaction last night was “uh-oh, there goes the season,” but he said that hopefully the injury isn’t as bad as feared……Pujols hasn’t been fully healthy in years so it isn’t practical to sit him out of games like people have been complaining they should do….Bernie said it has worked playing him till now so it would be unfair to dump on LaRussa…..Bernie said that he doesn’t know who would be available for the Cardinals to go out and get to fill in for Pujols, but he said he doesn’t really get why Chris Duncan would be called up because of his poor hitting in the minors except that they want to get a left-handed bat in the lineup against all the right-handed pitchers they have coming up…..

the guys played the clip from dave duncan yesterday about the media being unfair about chris, and bernie said he thinks it’s bizarre and he has no idea what dave is talking about….tim said he thinks it all stems from the cardinals over reaction to bernie’s one line in his column, and bernie said that larussa talked to him about it and didn’t think there was anything wrong with it. bernie said that dave needs to treat his son like any other player too if he wants everybody else to treat him like any other player because bernie has heard that hal mcrae doesn’t work much with chris anymore and dave acts as his hitting coach……by the end of the season, if chris’ power isn’t back, it will be a tough decision to keep him because he will be up for arbitration….. bernie said dave shouldn’t be mad at the beat writers or himself because he’s not the one who moved chris down to memphis. it is also ridiculous to get mad at reporting the news because if any other player messes up in the field they would get the same coverage……with the pujols injury you can understand chris being called back up, but it doesn’t make any sense that he was on his way up before that injury.

Leftover Riff Raff:
Doug demands that Barry Bonds play first base for the Cardinals starting tonight….. Doug wonders where Tim’s street cred is because he asked Bill DeWitt about “Fifty” Cent instead of “Fitty” Cent….Tim would love to see U2 play at Busch Stadium…..The Communards could probably fill a stadium in St. Louis…..Tim couldn’t be more excited for the St. Gabriel picnic coming up this weekend……Doug said that Pete Rose has always been a “Power Hoosier”…….Mickey Carroll was at Fairmount Park yesterday…. Someone showed up at Channel 4 yesterday ready to be interviewed by Doug about him running for president…..Jack Clark has beefed up a little bit.