Wednesday’s Show Synopsis………

Ben Boyd, Wed, 04 Jun 2008 16:38:00 GMT

Wednesday's Show Synopsis

The guys are impressed with the new call screening software…..Rudy already calls in by 7:05, and the guys actually talk to him for a few minutes….Rudy left Cat a voicemail last night that said it looked like the KKK was sitting behind home plate because a guy had a white rain coat with his hood up. Rudy thought a sniper rifle was coming through his blinds because a red beam was waking him up. Rudy also kept asking for a job because he thinks Tim’s friend Bobby Magic is hiring people for the parking garage behind the station…..The guys think the red beam he was talking about is from an alien scout who looks for people to take back to space. However, the aliens realize that Rudy has way too high of a blood alcohol level for them to experiment on anymore.

Tim said that Tony LaRussa was impressed with the play in the field last night on the wet field. Tony said, “On a track like that it was beyond beyond.” …..The Cat’s Pajamas today is an emotional one, and it will make you laugh and cry.

Keith Tkachuck:
walt tkachuck said he watched the stanley cup finals game on monday from start to finish, and he is excited for dallas drake to be so close to his first stanley cup…..pittsburgh hasn’t been getting a lot of quality chances and when they have shots, pittsburgh has been getting great goaltending, but walt has no doubt detroit is going to win because of how they have dominated the series so far……if walt was in charge of the nhl he would have crosby traded to a larger market like new york or la or chicago so he had more exposure…..the red wings are a tough team to play against, and it seems that they always have the puck. their scouting guy should be paid a lot of money because they always have the best players……walt has stayed in contact with dallas drake by texting him….walt said he thinks the blues will be a better team this season even if they don’t make a big off season move, but he knows that john davidson and larry pleau will be working hard looking at different guys to acquire…..keith took a couple weeks off after the season, but he is back working out and getting ready for the season… tells tim that he has started working out at a boxing gym, and the guys invite walt to work out with him. tim said he does the workout naked in front of a mirror, and walt doesn’t want any part of working out with him.

The guys take another call from Rudy, and he said the Blues don’t have any defensive players except rookies, and they need to stand the opposition up…..Tim said he will give Rudy Andy Murray’s number and he can tell him, but they will really trick Rudy with Maurice Drummond impersonating Coach Murray…..Cat said he thinks it would be easier to trick Rudy.

Doug sings to the music….The Cardinals’ bullpen has done alright without Izzy so far. With Izzy in the bullpen the Cards had a 4.30 ERA with a .263 opponents’ batting average against the pen. Without Izzy, the bullpen is 2-1 with a 3.08 ERA and a batting average against of .229. They have also converted 4 of 5 save opportunities.….Brendan Ryan beat Joe Mather in a wiffle ball game at Busch Stadium, and FSN will air part 2 of the game tonight during the pre-game show…… Rams rookie Chris Long said Jim’s nickname should be the “Big Cat”……Barack Obama has a busted up flat screen on his campaign bus after kicking it when Hillary said she wouldn’t concede yet last night.

The guys wonder if the Chicago Cubs will ever lose because they are tearing it up, winning 9 straight. Edmonds didn’t get to play last night. Tim wrote Jimmy a text last night telling him that it is nice to see him playing well again, but they need to lose. Edmonds wrote back asking Tim to “stop being a fan”…..Al Hrabosky mentioned Edmond’s ‘half-shirt’ yesterday to Cat, and Cat mentioned that he should never bring that up around Edmonds or he will get upset.

Rudy called in again and said he has already drunk a half gallon of rum. He said he shaved his head…..The guys wonder what Rudy’s liver looks like.

one of the women who is considering competing in the ‘cougars next door’ contest doesn’t want to be called a cougar. ceo tim needs to change the name of the contest from ‘cougars next door’ to something else. if you can name the contest you can go to all of the insidestl events on friday night and everything will be taken care of. there is a ‘girls next door’ contest at hooters followed by the playboy event at lumiere place casino….tim isn’t sure what to do, and he is a decision maker….

The guys focus on the Hill-Witch Project, and wonder if Hillary will really drop out now. Barack assumed she would give it up last night and even had a speech ready for it. Cat doesn’t understand that 2 states don’t count in the Democratic Nomination vote….In comparison to 2004, Tim believes that Americans have a much greater choice this year in the Presidential race, and the guys discuss whether Hillary could be Barack’s running mate.

Russ Springer:
the communards are not really russ’ style. russ couldn’t confirm or deny that ryan franklin was singing the rejoin song, but he said it could be him because he has been known to bust out a tune…..yesterday’s rain delay was rough. they sat around and watched other games, and tried to stay pumped up for when they would resume play….
When Russ pitched last night he felt like he was in an instructional league because there were so few people in the stands after both rain delays…Right now the Cards have a deep bullpen, and Tony LaRussa is big on match-ups with hitters so Russ said he understands how he is being used in games…..The new guys are getting along well in the bullpen. They are good guys and everyone is getting along well….It’s been tradition for years for the new guy to bring the snacks to the bullpen, and Kyle McClellan got lucky because Izzy got him a cart to drive out there. Kyle makes sure he lets the other rookies know that he Doug asked what kind of snacks do they ‘nibble’ on during the game? Russ said they can’t really eat much out there but sometimes can sneak a mini candy bar in their jacket pocket….Doug asked for help getting the raccoons out of his attic, and Russ said he should go to the local co-op and get a trap….Chris Perez is the quiet one, and when he does talk he is usually worth listening to…..Russ said that the best teams he has been on in the past have either had dominant starting pitching or they have been like this Cards team with a good mix of veterans and rookies with everyone rallying around each other….Russ preaches to the other guys that they are like a family and everyone pulls for each other…..Izzy is feeling good and throwing the ball pretty well right now….Franklin likes the closer role, and he has the right mentality for the job…..Tim asked Russ about when he kept throwing inside to Barry Bonds a few years ago, and Russ said he beat him before by pitching like that and if he was going to miss he would miss inside.

Doug’s wife is not a “furry” according to Doug because Jim said maybe the raccoons on his roof found out that his wife likes their company…..Big Z makes things happen and he is a ‘rainmaker’ according to Doug…… Cat wonders if Big Z makes it rain in strip clubs with Pacman Jones…..Tim is the new “Great One” instead of Wayne Gretzky…..Doug could go long with a wiffle ball……Tim asks if Chris Long meant he was with him sexually when they played the clip of Long saying “I’ve been with the Cat.”…..A guy from Cat’s fraternity would play ‘hide ‘n tuck’……Doug started sagging around 60 years old….A great exit poll question would be favorite candy bar or favorite fast food French fry?…..Cat sits in the press box and ‘nibbles’……Cat doesn’t like holding hands at the ballpark….There was once a Honey Badger named Timmy who had some sugar in his tank….. Tex Cobb was a walking punching bag who got beaten to a pulp by Muhammed Ali and then said “let’s party.”