Wednesday’s Show Audio – Rams Return to Los Angeles

Brian Hoffman, Wed, 13 Jan 2016 13:09:00 GMT

SEGMENT 1 – Today’s show feels like a post-mortem, trying to make sense of how the Rams were taken away from us, how does Stan Kroenke cast everybody under his spell, audio from his appearance at the NFL press conference last night, Tim was surprised to hear Goodell talk about the Rams returning home to Los Angeles, he also expected a stronger retort from the #STLNFL peeps, how this process played out the past month sure seems shady, Doug hopes that lawsuit are filed a plenty, the owners speaking after the press conference were basically standing over the dead body of the NFL in St. Louis, Tim had a bad feeling once the cars were running, why was the Carson project recommended 5-1 in committee and then ignored via secret ballot by the full ownership, had Carson been approved then St .Louis would’ve been offered that the $100 million now in play for San Diego and Oakland — oh hey thanks, first listener reaction of the day, Tim views Mayor Slay’s statement as mere political cover, it didn’t make sense to pony up the $700 million for Dome renovations because it only guaranteed 10 more years, what are the chances of the Raiders coming here at this point, Mark Davis has an interesting hair cut, he also enjoy P.F. Chang’s.


SEGMENT 2 – Former Raiders CEO and CBS Sports Network analyst Amy Trask joins the program to explain how often the league owners ignore a committee recommendation and vote using secret ballot, Tim is more upset about this than he thought he’d be, Post-Dispatch reporter David Hunn joins from the NFL Owners Meetings to discuss how Kroenke emerged with so much support in Houston, Tim harkens back to 2007 and being concerned about the Rams attendance, Doug like how Kroenke reference low income people in Inglewood and The Cat likes how he referred to Mayor Butt(s), more on how Kroenke is hypnotizing.

Check out David Hunn’s recap from the NFL Owners Meetings in Houston via here:


SEGMENT 3 – #WeenWednesday is the only thing that can save us now, for the first time in awhile Tim feels like getting drunk, what does losing the Rams mean for the future of the city, Doug worries that we’ll turn into Newark, Tim wonders if we might become a porn hub, Jennings might ride with Plowsy and Plow Girl to the AFC/NFC Party, Doug is bullish on the city attracting new high tech startup companies, The Cat wants us to be a 3 sport town whether it’s NFL-NBA-or MLS, more listener reaction, Doug doesn’t undertand why the cars had to be kept running outside of the hotel, Mark Davis took a Yellow Cab when leaving, Doug says he and Mr. Davis have similar hair patterns, Janie TL checks in on The Appliance Discounters phone lines, Janie is moving to Minnesota so how’s the tail there, Big Al is despondent over Stan taking the Rams away but he says he’s still coming for Kroenke, to the dismay of many Chapps is up next, to focus solely on Stan Kroenke (and not the lease) only adds to the victim like mentality of the region according to Tim, Doug says his heart is still really with the football Cardinals and that’s the team that should really be here, Mike Lee checks in on this somber occasion, did Stan really tell the owners “Do not cross me”, Roderick delivers Doug’s fantasy winnings, Email of the Day.