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Producer Joe, Wed, 11 Feb 2009 14:01:00 GMT


segment 1–there is a bit of fog rolling off the old man this morning, tim really hates winter time, the cat is still feuding with big walt, has there been alot of clubbing for the cat this year, the cat says this weeks cats pajamas is big doings, and the blues lose a game that stings last night—click here to listen






segment 2–time for the cat’s pajamas with audio from elias coblentz on the adam kennedy release, plus nancy pelosi is very confused—click here to listen






segment 3–doug is fascinated by the westminster dog show, the cat explains the functionality of the dog’s hair cut, the cardinals adapting the who let the dogs out song, doug thinks he may have the baha men’s christmas album, and what was so funny about “wassssup”—click here to listen






segment 4–buck martinez joins the show to discuss the alex rodriguez situation, how surprised was he when he found out, applaudes arod for stepping forward and admitting his use, he doesn’t buy the fact that alex didn’t know what he was taking, should we believe that steroid use is out of the game, what about the other 103 names that tested positive, and will arod have a nightmare season in new york—click here to listen






segment 5–keith tkachuk is standing us up this morning, brett favre tells his agent to inform the jets that he is retiring, warner could be influence by boldin’s decision, and dana jacobson could be on her way out the door at the world wide leader—click here to listen






segment 6–a columnist is already calling for the firing of lane kiffen before he even coaches a single game, it doesn’t matter about what is happening at ut al davis is still crazy, using a fog machine is illegal in recruting, and fog allen created the fog machine—click here to listen






segment 7–roberto alomar is being accused of having full blown aids by a former girlfriend, lots of signs pointing in that direction, apparently he was raped by a couple of mexican guys, he had developed a yeast infection at some point, the woman bringing these claims is seeking $15 million—click here to listen 






segment 8–bernie miklasz joins the show to talk about tim helping out in the afternoons next week, talk about bernie’s blogging, odd timing for the kennedy release, the prospects of skip at second base, other players that have made the switch, and the blues were terrible last night—click here to listen






segment 9–the ticket guys email of the day—click here to listen