Wednesday Show Synopsis

Ben Boyd, Wed, 25 Jun 2008 16:48:00 GMT

Wednesday Show Synopsis


Cat usually drinks two Red Bulls a day……The guys talk about drinking sweet after dinner cordials, and Tim had a Baileys at Café Napoli the other night……When Jim wants a steak he goes to a steak house; when he wants a cupcake he goes to the Cup Cakery……Doug likes the cherry pies that have a half-life as long as uranium ……Jim Edmonds hit another homerun last night and may join the show today……..

The Cardinals have a way to make good teams look bad, and it seems like the goofier the lineup that Tony LaRussa puts out there the better they play.

The Cat’s Pajamas:
iggy couldn’t find the open for the cat’s pajamas at first and blamed it on someone moving it in the system………listener jeff daniels sent cat a link to a story about the ascending career of a ventriloquist who got a $100,000 million deal in las vegas. he is making 2 new puppets—a gay one and a cougar—and cat said that proves that maybe the cardinals should open a puppet theatre at ballpark village…….cat honestly felt bad about asking brad thompson if he was being sent down last week because he started to tear up. tony should’ve told the media he was being sent down…….john cussack is a nice guy to be patient with the film class idiot girl who thought he was in american pie. she confused him with kevin spacey, and john didn’t lose it on her even when she pressed him on it.

Back in the 70s there were 2 Yankees pitchers who swapped wives and families….One of them got divorced almost immediately, but the other may still be married to his new wife.

Tony LaRussa took a shot at Cardinals fans in the paper today. He said what happened to the Cards fans because there are no Cardinals players in the top 2 in terms of votes for the All-Star game. Tony said Yadier Molina should at least be in 2nd place, and he said that the team doesn’t let the Cubs beat them and the fans shouldn’t let them either…….Ryan Ludwick has been in a bit of a slump since he joined the show. Doug thinks Albert Pujols and Kyle Lohse will be the Cardinals representatives.


Brent Stover:
Brent said when he asked Nick Stavinoha to do an interview last night, Nick said “the other guy—what do they call him—-said that he couldn’t do any interview unless they are with him so Brent interviewed Brendan Ryan…..Ryan said that some radio producer keeps calling him 5 times an hour to come on the air and he is not happy about it…..Stover and Cat compared techniques of asking post-game questions of Tony…. Brent said sometimes he wishes he had some scotch before he had to talk to Tony to take off the edge…..Cat said that Brent wears a suit or the FSN shirt to the ballpark, but then slips on a “I love schnauzers” t-shirt when he goes into Tony LaRussa’s office……You can ride Rick Hummel’s coat tails….You can’t talk much baseball with Wellemeyer because you will get a yes/no answer, but if you ask him about politics or other stuff he is interested in he is a good interview……Yesterday at the FSN staff meeting Cat had to stick up for Brent because of all the complaints of his coverage…… Stover lists his All-Stars as Molina, Lohse, Ludwick, Pujols, and Wainwright, but the guys say they think the Cardinals will only have 2 guys……Albert Pujols looked really good swinging and run the bases pretty hard yesterday so he will probably be back on Thursday even though now first base is Adam Kennedy’s to lose….. Brent told T-Mac to stop blowing sunshine his way until he calls him off the air and invites him out for a cocktail.

Shaquille O’Neal rapped the other night in a New York club and ripped Kobe a few different times…….“Kobe couldn’t do without me.”…..Shaq will lose his special deputy status in the police department. Doug said that this was a stupid thing to do for Shaq because he always had a good image….Shaq said that it was all done in fun; nothing serious whatsoever. “I’m totally cool with Kobe.”

There is a story in the student newspaper of the University of Kansas about a girl who is engaged to the “White Owl” who was visible at the Mizzou/Kansas game…..He went to Target everyday to woo her, and they plan on having kids after they get married…..When asked how they will make money, they said that he gets disability money and they will make a few websites……The guys wonder what kind of websites the White Owl could make…..


Tim said that Deandre “the Bull” Latimore was very impressive in his win a couple weeks ago, and he would like to see a fight with Cory Spinks…. Doug wants to see a current score in boxing, but Cat said that would take away suspense from the decision……Tim and Cat talked about having a charity boxing bout, but if Tim beat Cat, he would have to leave the state and change his name to Possum Pete…..Cat could do radio as Possum Pete in the morning and then he would do the weather later in the day, and he’d have to take out the trash……Most heads don’t have corners, but Tim’s does and that is an advantage for him…

Al MacInnis:
al said he is feeling pretty good coming out of ottawa after the draft…the blues first pick pietrangelo is a great player and has a lot of great attributes….chris mason will be a very capable back-up goalie for manny… was very hard to trade jamal mayers because he was here for so long…….al said they need to be aware of how many games manny plays and look for mason to fill in a lot…..pietrangelo is close to 100% right now and has time to prepare for training camp….al said that with the way the game is played today, alex can move the puck and the blues are excited about what he can do….phillip mcrae has played with and against all the top first round guys, and he is a great player……the blues picked him because he is a great player, not because he is from st. louis…..phillip is a very skilled player, and he has a chance of putting up 100 points in the minors next year……al said they will be looking for david perron to have consistency this year because young players need to condition and work hard when they make the jump to the nhl……al doesn’t think they will change how the draft works because when a kid is 18, he can join the army and do many things and that should be an age where guys can make a living in hockey……mcinnis said that there aren’t many things he would like to do over again in his life, but if he was 21 years old, he would like to jump in the mix with these kids on this team and grow together and become a great team in the next few years…….cat asked if the blues should go out and get another goal scorer, and al said they aren’t going to trade any of their young guys for an old goal scorer and they can get increased goal production from the guys on the team……there are plenty of guys in the league who have had sophomore slumps, and they believe lee stempniak will bounce back and get the scoring touch back……al said he gets along and enjoys the people he works with and he likes what he is doing with the blues. a lot of what he does is going out and watching players in the system, and he enjoys it. al said he wasn’t fortunate enough to win a cup as a player with the blues, but he is looking forward to winning one in the position he is in now.

Leftover Riff Raff:
Tim enjoys women with Tats and sometimes track marks and Doug enjoys men’s abs…… Chris Hanson actually had a karaoke machine in his last bust of a guy trying to hook up with a 13 year-old…….Doug said the drop seat pajamas are underrated incase you have an emergency……..Some celebrity gets in trouble everyday in this country because of what they say……A lot of people get engaged at Target……If Iggy can get the White Owl on the show it would be bigger than getting Steven Jackson….. Cat said he needs a hand laceration and a rehab stint in Memphis after the verbal assault from Rudy…People were always afraid Al would shoot at them, and Doug said that if he never got hurt he may still be playing.