Wednesday Show Audio

Anna-Marie Benassi, Wed, 01 Oct 2008 14:04:00 GMT


segment 1–tim’s microphone is loose this morning, doug may have sabotaged, two men and a baby coming to argosy this friday, when the cat gets whacked he’s going to sell used subarus, door-to-door used car saleman would be a tough job, doug and the cat don’t recall michael strahan previously on the show, and producer joe chimes in via text and im—clip 1






segment 2–powerpoint presentations always scream credibility, al davis speaks on lane kiffin montage, is al davis trustworthy, michael strahan joins the show to discuss the rams, strahan talks linehan’s reputation and al davis, couldn’t hear what michael was saying, and dallas cowboys in the 1990’s were unstoppable—clip 2





segment 3–the cat’s pajamas, the cat is looking for a tough and cool infant clothing line, breaking news that the cat has a bun in the oven, the cat confirms that he’s fertile, big congrats to mr. and mrs. cat, baby cat’s grandmother calls in, and doug’s kids call 911—clip 3





segment 4–the cat needs to move outside the city when baby cat arrives, public school versus private school talk, and playboy and magazine subcription discussion—clip 4





segment 5–the cat’s due date is april 18th, doug considers another bundle of joy worrisome, trey wingo joins the show and considers another bundle of joy frightening, trey wingo discusses al davis, trey views rams as worst in nfl, st. louis is trey’s second home, and the show is now centered around family planning—clip 5






segment 6–did any other stations break the cat’s kitten news today, timberfake also has a child, capri pants debate, doug buys trousers and is disturbed by slacks and pairs of pants, tim may be too selfish to have a timmy jr. right now, and more family planning talk—clip 6





segment 7–mike lee calls in to congratulate the cat, might be mike lee’s last appearance, carpenter surgery talk, and cardinals rotation—clip 7 




segment 8—coach pinkel joins the show for pinkel patrol, tigers have another obstacle to overcome this saturday at nebraska, is this the best the big 12 has ever been, mizzou is always building, excitement about tigers on national tv—clip 8






segment 9—ticket guys email of the day —clip 9